Due to the international search of former beneficiary of International Bank of Saint-Petersburg Sergey Bazhanov, please, contact us if you have any information regarding to the location of him and his spouse Tatiana Bazhanova, as well as assets related to the bank and them. Financial reward offered for any valuable information.

The IBSP Depositors Committee

The Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region granted the application of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to declare the International Bank of St. Petersburg (IBSP) bankrupt, the court told RAPSI. Earlier, IBSP filed an application to the court to invalidate the bonus transactions of four former bank managers in the amount of more than 85 million rubles.

The interim administration for the management of the credit institution asks the court to apply the consequences of the invalidity of the transactions in the form of the recovery of this amount from the former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the bank, Sergey Bazhanov, a member of the Board of Directors Tatyana Bazhanova, a member of the Board of Directors of IBSP Maxim Anishchenkov and Elena Skvortsova.

In mid-October 2018, the Central Bank appointed a temporary administration to the IBSP due to the unstable financial situation of the bank, and also imposed a moratorium on meeting the claims of its creditors, which instead of taking three months lasted only about two weeks: on October 31, the bank's license was revoked. In mid-December, it became known that the IBSP had challenged the Central Bank's order to revoke the license in court. The interim administration of the IBSP during the survey found that its officials carried out operations with signs of asset withdrawal by transferring the bank's claims against a number of counterparties to its shareholder who does not have the ability to fulfill its obligations. Earlier, the Central Bank has already been informed about the identification in the actions of officials of the IBSP of signs of operations aimed at withdrawing the bank's assets by transferring the rights of claim to a number of counterparties to its shareholder, as well as by acquiring illiquid assets. The Central Bank sent information about the financial transactions of former bank officials with signs of criminal acts to the Prosecutor General's Office and the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.