Due to the international search of former beneficiary of International Bank of Saint-Petersburg Sergey Bazhanov, please, contact us if you have any information regarding to the location of him and his spouse Tatiana Bazhanova, as well as assets related to the bank and them. Financial reward offered for any valuable information.

The IBSP Depositors Committee

Bazhanov Sergey Viktorovich

These nice people are Sergey Bazhanov and Tatiana Bazhanova, former owners of the International Bank of St. Petersburg. After the bank's license was revoked on October 31, 2018, the interim administration found out that the "hole" in its capital was 13 billion rubles and discovered the withdrawal of assets to offshore companies.

18 billion rubles of individuals and 22 billion rubles of organizations were suspended on accounts in the IBSP. Despite the fact that the interim administration of IBSP filed an application for the initiation of a criminal case at the beginning of 2019, a criminal case has not yet been initiated against them! Sergey Bazhanov himself wisely disappeared abroad.

If you have also suffered from the actions of these crooks, do not stay away! Write to us, together we will hold thieves accountable!