Due to the international search of former beneficiary of International Bank of Saint-Petersburg Sergey Bazhanov, please, contact us if you have any information regarding to the location of him and his spouse Tatiana Bazhanova, as well as assets related to the bank and them. Financial reward offered for any valuable information.

The IBSP Depositors Committee

A court in St. Petersburg arrested ex-senator Sergei Bazhanov in absentia

The Vyborg District Court has arrested in absentia the former president of the International Bank of St. Petersburg (IBSP) Sergey Bazhanov in a fraud case. The investigation believes that the businessman stole more than 5 billion rubles from his bank.

As the joint press service of the courts of St. Petersburg reports on July 16, according to the investigation, no later than October 10, 2017, Bazhanov used irrevocable uncovered letters of credit of the bank allegedly to make international transactions for the supply of grain crops, issued fictitious documents and stole at least 5.1 billion rubles from the IBSP.

Bazhanov is hiding abroad from the preliminary investigation. As a preventive measure, he was arrested for a period of 30 days from the moment of detention or extradition to his homeland.

IBSP's problems began in the fall of 2018, a year later the credit institution was declared bankrupt. At the same time, it turned out that the ex-senator and banker in the past was a state security officer, served for a third of a century and retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel.

The bank was taken over by the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA). It is trying to return the property and assets transferred by Bazhanov's team to third-party organizations under the wing of the IBSP. We can talk about 9 billion rubles that have left the account of a financial organization. In a series of such steps, a criminal case against Sergei Bazhanov just arose. Moreover, it was even possible to initiate it only from the fifth time, and the formal charge was brought only a year after that.

The DIA is gradually paying off the bank's clients through the sale of Bazhanov's assets, including a mansion on Kamenny Island and a Bentley car. Recently, the agency demanded that CJSC Radio Company Kultura, which owns Radio Hermitage, associated with the Bazhanov family, be declared bankrupt.