Due to the international search of former beneficiary of International Bank of Saint-Petersburg Sergey Bazhanov, please, contact us if you have any information regarding to the location of him and his spouse Tatiana Bazhanova, as well as assets related to the bank and them. Financial reward offered for any valuable information.

The IBSP Depositors Committee

Employees of the Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region on the morning of May 26 conducted searches at nine addresses at once, including the apartment of the family of Sergei Bazhanov, the former head of the "International Bank of St. Petersburg".

According to Fontanka, we are talking about a new criminal case, which was initiated under Article 159, Part 4 (fraud on a particularly large scale), after the statement of representatives of the Deposit Insurance Agency.

Earlier, another case was initiated against Sergey Bazhanov, who now lives permanently abroad, under the milder, article 172.1, Part 2 — "Falsification of financial documents". The editors know that in the framework of this case, Bazhanov has already been arrested in absentia and put on the international wanted list. His whereabouts are not particularly hidden, but he lives in a country that does not extradite suspects of economic crimes to Russia.

Sergey Bazhanov headed the International Bank of St. Petersburg until 2018, when the Central Bank transferred the functions of its interim administration to the Deposit Insurance Agency. The regulator justified its decision on the "unstable financial situation" of the financial institution and " a threat to the interests of its creditors and depositors."

Since then, the temporary managers have been trying to return the property and assets transferred by Sergey Bazhanov's team to third-party organizations under the bank's wing. We are talking about 9 billion rubles which were taken from the accounts of the IBSPB. In a series of such steps and actions, a criminal case against Sergei Bazhanov has just been opened. This was possible only on the fifth attempt, and the formal charge was brought only a year later after that.


Source Фонтанка.ру Деловой Петербург